Hosted by Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School, TED Business is one of the best leadership podcasts for anyone striving to overcome challenges in their position. The first half of each show includes a quick TED talk from some of the most influential leadership experts. In the second part, Modupe teaches you how to apply those lessons in your daily work.

Two episodes to look out for:

How to Lead in a Crisis

In this episode, leadership scholar and professor at Harvard Business School, Amy C. Edmondson talks about the importance of being transparent and humble in unpredictable times. She highlights the role of psychological safety in the workplace and how it enables people to speak up without fear.

After Amy’s talk, Modupe breaks down how you can apply her leadership concept to inspire and develop those around you in times of disruption.

Listen here.

Why the Strongest Leaders Ask for Help

As a CEO, Lorna Davis experienced the highs and lows of leadership, especially when working on hitting those bigger goals. Instead of trying to be the champion of each challenge, she learned to embrace uncertainty and depend on others.

After talking about shaking off a hero mentality and committing to a more collaborative form of leadership, Modupe explains in detail how to apply Lorna’s lessons at any stage of your career.

Listen here.


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