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Education in the time of Covid-19

Connecting Schools and Communities Something interesting caught my attention when government went into action with the lockdown in the country – 10 000 community health care workers were deployed for mass community–based screenings, referral to clinics for testing,...

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Leadership in Times of Covid-19

Essential Qualities, Skills and Practices The role of managers is to keep the trains running on time, to work with what is known and visible, sticking to policies, procedures and plans. But when we face a complex, unpredictable and invisible future, as with Covid-19,...

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Equal Opportunity for Deeper Learning

Out of concern that the nation’s schools—particularly those working with traditionally underserved populations—are not adequately preparing all students to succeed in college and careers, education policymakers have launched a series of major reform efforts in recent...

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Asking the Right Questions About Leadership

Five questions prompted by the articles in the American Psychologist special issue on leadership (January 2007,Vol. 62, No. 1) suggest some new directions for leadership research: (1) Not do leaders make a difference, but under what conditions does leadership matter?...

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Shifting Paradigms Changing Practice

Shifting Paradigms Changing Practice: Values-based instructional leadership in schools | 2017 South Africa’s public schools and their learners need good leaders. Read more about the findings conducted by Dr Al Witten and the Sasol Inzalo Foundation about their...

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Authentic African Leadership

Telling the untold South African stories of courage, fortitude, and the desire to succeed against all odds, Authentic African Leadership is a compilation of true leadership stories written by top leaders in corporate South Africa who Gail Cameron, founder of the Image...

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A powerful, uplifting story, Books and Bricks emphasizes the importance of both community and education. Having herself grown up in South Africa under the brutal racial inequalities of apartheid, author Sindiwe Magona shares the inspiring true story of one school’s...

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